Passionate foodie. Health enthusiast. Self-confessed workaholic. Live music lover. Terrible dancer.  Adventure seeker.  Firm believer that moderation is the key to a balanced and happy life. 

Originally from the Mid North Coast of NSW, I relocated to Western Australia in 2009 and soon after settled into the blissful beachside city of Geraldton.

I started Spruce because I wanted to be healthier, I wanted it to be easier to make healthier choices and I wanted to be able to help others do the same. I was busy and overwhelmed. There has to be a more simple way to incorporate real, natural, goodness without spending all my years cooking it, preparing it or thinking about it.  


When you are trying to juggle work, children, study, cleaning, exercise and maybe five minutes to enjoy a social life (hah!). It's all too easy to fall into unhealthy habits. Skipping meals, having too many coffees, not drinking enough water, indulging too often or eating out all the time can become almost routine.

Sometimes you just need to pause and press the reset button. Nip those habits in the bud before they form and get back to finding the balance in your life. It's not about attaining perfection, it's about balance, feeling great and having the energy to achieve everything you have ever wanted!

Spruce Juice is real. It's raw. It's pure. Spruce Juice helps you get your daily dose of goodness. We make it fresh, convenient and great tasting. Spruce is a no-brainer. When things in life are busy, juicing is the quickest and easiest way to know you're nourishing your bod. 

Spruce Juice contains 100% pure fruit and vegetables, you'll never find any added water, sugar, preservatives or nasties. There's over 6 cups of fresh fruit & veggies in every bottle.


Cold press technology protects and preserves the nutrients of the fruits and vegetables, since our juicers slowly press the produce to extract the juice, no heat is generated, making sure that when you're enjoying Spruce Juice you are enjoying all the goodness - nutrients, enzymes, vitamins and minerals - Spruce Juice is the real deal. 

So what's all the fuss about "cold press" juicing?

The difference between the juicer you've had stashed at the back of the cupboard since you moved house... 

Run-of-the-mill, centrifugal (the ones that have a blade/mesh that spins really fast) juicers destroy the nutrients with heat and oxygen. You want one that doesn't heat up the enzymes while it's pulling apart the fibres. After 15 minutes, light and air will begin to destroy the nutrients... and don't even get me started on how much mess it makes in your kitchen at home (ain't nobody got time for that!!). We produce juices on a state of the art commercial hydraulic juice press, fresh every day. Every ingredient is washed, chopped and weighed to yield a consistent and reliable result that you can depend on. 

Incorporating juice into your diet, whether that be as a regular addition or as a juice fasting program can yield incredible benefits, and using them will help you to increase your nutrient intake and experience nourishment healing, rejuvenation and increased energy levels.